Emmanuel Barcilon. A Turbulent Silence

© Emmanuel Barcilon | Emmanuel Barcilon, Untitled, 2015


From 07 Maggio 2015 to 01 Luglio 2015


Place: Conference Room of St. Apollonia

Address: Castello 4309

Times: everyday 10am-06pm

The exhibition, organized in collaboration with One Contemporary Art, to be held in the Conference Room of St. Apollonia, and will then move on to Asolo, in the prestigious setting of Villa Flangini. The color, in addition to the figure, has always been the key element in determining the admiration and the value of a work of art. The work of Barcilon - as the black paintings of Ad Reinhardt '60s - hit the viewer with monochromatic fields of strong colors, but on closer noticed that contrasting shadows are revealed. The artist can take more than a year to complete its work: the color is poured on a wooden stand, then sprinkled with sand, and is well worked repeatedly over time, so that new streams of color will not correct ever fully earlier. This method of embodiment gives a kind of memory work, which in some cases is immediately visible, while in others it is imperceptible to the naked eye. The poetic works of Emmanuel Barcilon resides in all devout concentration he puts into achieving them. The use of wood as a support for the works and the preciousness of the painted surface, take us back to the quality of Flemish paintings of the fifteenth century. Often the paint extends beyond the limits of the surface, running free over the constraints of the wood; This special feature provides a whole other dimension to the picture, which ultimately has almost the quality of a sculpture. Some of the paintings contain drawings by the artist's thoughts scribbled on the surface, signs intimate and personal, which are often evidence of his intellectual soul. Barcilon invites us to share the same curiosity inspired him to create this work. What interests him is not the be academic but rather add another ingredient to the meditation that requires us as observers, to enter fully into his universe. The work of Emmanuel Barcilon explore the unspoken and the unspeakable. His art offers us an infinite depth and invites us to take on our personal journey to discover ourselves through it.

Emmanuel Barcilon (Paris, 1967) graduated in 1992 from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Cergy.
His work has been exhibited in Paris, London, Basel and New York. The artist lives and works in Paris. Emmanuel Barcilon has recently exhibited at the gallery Rosenfeld Porcini (2014). Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery Founded in 2011 by Ian Rosenfeld and Dario Porcini, with a strong international attitude, the gallery displays various contemporary artists, in the heart of the dynamic art district of Fitzrovia, London. One Contemporary Art was founded in 2014 by Pierpaolo Scelsi, Daniel Flowers, Letizia Bienintesi and Elisamaria Covre, it has the mission to promote contemporary art in Venice and the Veneto.