Friendship Project - China

Zhang Hong Mei, Mental landscape 01, cloth acrylic, 2015


From 09 Maggio 2015 to 22 Novembre 2015


Place: Various Locations

Responsibles: Vincenzo Sanfo

Telefono per informazioni: +39 06 90206376

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Comunicato Stampa: The Republic of San Marino returns to the Biennale in Venice with "Friendship Project - China".
One of the smallest and one of the largest republics of the world together to promote contemporary art. Eleven artists, dozens of installations, hundreds of events and exclusive locations such as the Ateneo Veneto, which for the first time opens its spaces to the event

After some years of absence, the Republic of San Marino returns to the Biennale in Venice, from May 9 to 22 November, with an innovative project "Friendship Project - China", edited by Vincenzo Sanfo, organizer of international fame, former curator the Beijing Biennale. The event will open to the public on 9 May, but there is a pre-opening May 5 to 7 for the press and the industry.

"Friendship Project" plans to unite the artists of San Marino Chinese artists, creating a sort of artistic twinning - cultural among one of the smallest and one of the largest republics of the world, the People's Republic of China. The choice seemed almost natural because, between the two republics, exist great and historical ties of friendship that will, once again consolidated by this initiative. The project aims to emphasize the need for collaboration and dialogue between peoples, topic so very timely given the times we live in, agitated by a strong lack of communication, political, social, economic, religious and cultural. "Friendship Project" will be repeated in future editions working with Russia in 2017 and with the United States of America in 2019.

11 carefully selected artists will participate in the Biennale, 6 5 San Marino and Chinese, will be carried out dozens of installations and proposed hundreds of events. Will be exhibited works of great value, not only artistic, but also social, like the huge installation by Chinese artist Liu Ruo Wang, at the Telecom Future Centre, made up of a pack of wolves percent iron made life-size, with jaws open and bloody, running towards a reproduction of Michelangelo's Pietà. This is meant to represent the one hand a complaint against those attacks and destroys the art, the other a conviction against religious persecution a complaint extremely important especially because made by a Chinese artist who makes her cry of pain of His Holiness Pope Francis the guilty silence of the world.

The constant mutability of forms and a reality in constant evolution can be also found in the works of San Marino Eleonora Mazza, in which square is the disintegration and dissolution of the bodies, the faces and the human figure. His works will be exhibited inside the Ateneo Veneto, along with those of the Chinese painter Zhang Hong Mei, who in his paintings offers a modern interpretation of an ancient Chinese painting technique, which uses a single color (black or red) on white canvas.

At Palazzo Rota Ivancich you can admire the work of another artist from San Marino, Giancarlo Frisoni, using for his works decidedly unusual materials: the earth and chalk dust, that plasma together adding color pigments natural. With incredible skill, Frisoni manages to turn these hard materials and unarmed into something capable of transmitting emotions soft and delicate.

The artists' works will be exhibited in some of the most prestigious locations in the city of Venice as the University of Sciences, Arts and Letters, which for the first time opens its doors to contemporary art, The Cloister of San Salvador, also called Space Telecom Future Center, Palazzo Rota Ivancich.

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