Daniel Seyter

Wien 1642 ca - Turin 1705

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There is no information on his art studies, but Seiter was very young when he arrived in Venice, where he admired Johann Carl Loth’s painting and then in Rome, in Carlo Maratta’s studio. Here he became quite famous, so much so that he was called to Turin to work at the service of duke Charles Emmanuel II of Savoy.
In the Savoyard city, in addition to the baroque frescoes in the dome of the Chapel of Ospedale Maggiore and the decorations of Villa della Regina, in 1765 Seiter decorated the Royal Palace for Victor Amadeus II king of Sardinia, who appointed him knight and included him in his entourage during his transfers to Germany, to Brunswick and Dresden.
The most famous work by the Vienna-native painter is the gallery he painted between 1688 and 1692 on the main floor of the Royal Palace portraying the Apotheosis of Victor Amadeus II, still going by his name: Galleria del Daniel was designed based on the famous Versailles Hall of Mirrors and built equally magnificently.