Church of Santo Volto di Gesù

Roma, Via della Magliana 166

  • Artist: Mimmo Paladino
  • Location: Roma, Via della Magliana 166
  • Date: 2003 - 2006
  • Address: Via della Magliana 166
  • Phone#: 06 5501063
  • Visit lasts: 1 hour (about)
Just a few steps away from the medieval church of Santa Passera, it is one of the finest examples of modern religious architecture. It was designed and built by architects Piero Sartoga and Nathalie Grenon between 2003 and 2006, but the interior decor was carried out by various artists including: Mimmo Palladino (Via Crucis in enamelled ceramic), Eliseo Mattiacci (the exterior Cross), Carla Accardi (windows of abstract design), Chiara Dynys (illuminated sculpture with the words of Saint Augustine).