Monte Testaccio

Roma, Via di Monte Testaccio

  • Location: Roma, Via di Monte Testaccio
  • Address: Via di Monte Testaccio
  • Phone#: 06 488991
  • Visit lasts: 1 hour (about)
It gives its name to one of the neighborhoods of Rome and it is, in fact, a hill created by the discarded broken pieces of earthenware vases, in latin textae, which accumulated next to the ancient port. The remains, dating from between 140 B.C. and 251 A.C., when the port of Ostia surpassed the ancient port in importance, which then became a marble deposit, from which comes the name Marmorata.   The area, between the Aventine, the Tiber and the Aurelian Wall, is a large flat quadrant, with the exception of Monte Testaccio. It became a working-class neighborhood, following the post-unity regulatory plan of 1873.