Old Jewish cemetery

Venezia, Riviera San Nicolò

  • Location: Venezia, Riviera San Nicolò
  • Address: Riviera San nicolo
  • E-Mail: prenotazioni.mev@coopculture.it
  • Phone#: 041 715359
  • Opening: upon reservation, guided tours are available from Sunday to Friday at 10am and at 4pm.
    closed: Saturdays, Jewish holidays, december 25th, Januray 1st, May 1st.
  • Price: Full rate €10, reduced ticket €8.
  • Transportation: Lines 5.1, 5.2, 20 (stop Lido S.M.e., dock a)
    Lines 5.1, 5.2, 6 (stop Lido S.M.e., dock B)
    Lines 14, n (stop Lido S.M.e., dock c)
    Lines 1, 10, n (stop Lido S.M.e., dock d)
    Lines 10 (stop Lido S.M.e., dock e)
    Line 14 (stop Lido S. nicolò M/n)
    Line 17 (stop Lido S. nicolò n/T)
    Bus line a
The Lido Jewish cemetery is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the world and represents one of the first testimonies of the Venetian Jewish community. It was established by concession of the Republic of Venice in 1389, following an argument with the friars from the nearby monastery of San Nicolò, who claimed they owned the land. It was used and expanded until 1641, but then it fell into disuse, until its requalification in 1999.
Together with medieval headstones, headstones from 1550 to the early 1700s were found and filed. The splendour of this place deeply inspired numerous poets and intellectuals from the Romanticism, including Lord Byron and Goethe.