Roma, Piazza Farnese 67

It is the most famous palazzo of the Renaissance in Rome. Started in 1517 for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, who became Pope Paul III (1535-49), by Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane (facade and sides), it was completed, first, by Michelangelo (1546-49: cornice, balcony, third level of columns in the courtyard), then by Vignola  and, finally, by Giacomo della Porta (1569-73 and 1589: back facade). Absolute masterpieces inside are the frescoed gallery with Mythological Scenes by Carracci, Domenichino and Lanfranco (1597-1604) and the  Sala dei Fasti decorated by Francesco Salviati and Taddeo Zuccari.
Since 1874, it has been home to the French Embassy.