Celebrated on July 14th, 1564 in the Basilica of San Lorenzo

Today in Florence a night for Michelangelo on his 450th anniversary

Michelangelo Buonarroti

E. Bramati


Florence - On February 18th, 1564 the great Michelangelo Buonarroti died in his house on Via Macel de 'Corvi in Rome. He was almost ninety years old. 

A few months later, on July 14th, his solemn funeral took place at the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence. It was organized by the Academy of Arts and Design, of which he had been the most important member. 

It's on this date that Florence choose to pay homage to the great master on his 450th anniversary. 
On July 14th, 2014, an important ceremony will be held at San Lorenzo, allowing citizens and tourists to live again that day. 

In the "Night of Michelangelo" the whole neighborhood will be transformed into an open-air theater, with readings, performances, exhibitions and parades. 
After dark, spectacular multimedia projections of his works and of his entire life will be screened on the facade of the church and the Funeral Oration written for him by 16th-century humanist Benedetto Varchi will be read publicly.



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