Collection of Greek-Roman Sculptures

Museum of Antiquities

This section contains works owned by the House of Savoy as well as other pieces found on Savoyard land and in Turin that have been added over the years and items bought on the antiques market. The collection of heads and portraits includes philosophers (such as Sophocles and Demosthenes) and illustrious figures (such as Cicero, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, Vespasian, Trajan, Hadrian and Faustina the Elder), as well as many Roman copies of original Greek sculptures (such as the goddess Athena, an athlete’s torso and Asclepius). The masterpieces include the Throne of Luni (a marble chair decorated with relief male figures), a green basalt Amazon’s Torso, a porphyry Figure in lorica, a copy of the Diadumenos by Polykleitos, a crouching Scribe and finally a torso of Winged Eros and the god Hermes, both of which are variations based on models by Praxiteles.