Park Eun Sun. Il Ritmo della Pietra

Opera di Park Eun Sun


From 12 Ottobre 2023 to 18 Ottobre 2023


Place: Palazzo Litta

Address: Corso Magenta 24

Times: Everyday 12.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Responsibles: Leonardo Contini

Ticket price: Free entry

In the occasion of the National Day of Korea, the XVIII century rooms of Palazzo Litta will host the masterpieces of Park Eun Sun.
The Korean master, who moved to Italy 30 years ago, is in fact living proof of the relationship between the two nations, which consolidates thanks to the universality of a great language of art.
The work of Park combines his oriental culture of origin with the western one of adoption, giving life to a strongly iconic sculpture, which through the use of fluid and linear geometries aims to convey the very essence of existence.
Il Ritmo della Pietra will showcase both works in polychrome marble and granite, as well as in bronze. The sculptures and installations, with their geometry and sinuosity - which are a signature of Park’s creations - blend, almost in a dialogue of opposites, with the baroque rooms of Palazzo Litta. The sculptor’s work also responds to a very specific challenge: that of using an ancient material to give life to contemporary shapes.
The exhibition is paced, across the rooms, by the creations of the master in an alternating sequence of colors and plastic shapes, also declined in the “luminous” creations that characterize the latter part of Park’s production, begun during the pandemic.
With these innovative creations, the master highlights new technological possibilities to support his creative genius: marble spheres emptied and filled with light, which give a new voice to the classic and elegant eternity of the infinite nuances of marble.
The exhibition is housed in the rooms of Palazzo Litta between October 13th - 18th and is to be intended as an installation itself, beyond the works it showcases. For a limited number of days, the show will transcend time and space, putting in dialogue great contemporary art with the splendor of the Baroque, and Korean art with Italian culture, thanks to the harmonious creations of Park Eun Sun. Il Ritmo della Pietra, curated by Leonardo Contini, is organized by the Contini Art Gallery of Venice and Cortina d’Ampezzo and under the patronage and promotion of the General Consulate of Korea in Milan.

Park Eun Sun was born in 1965 in Mopko, South Korea. The discovery of painting came very early in the life of the artist who dreamed of becoming a great painter.
At 12, however, his parents prevented him from attending the Art Institute. His middle school art teacher, nevertheless, notices his talent and secretly allows him to use the class in which he can practice painting. Park Eun Sun participates in, and wins, many painting competitions. His parents then allowed him to devote himself freely to art. After moving to Seoul, he enrolled in a degree course to become a professor of fine arts at Kyung Hee University.
After completing his military service, he devoted himself to real estate design, thus approaching space, perceiving its value, and studying environments. The emphasis on forms and materials brought him closer to the study of sculpture, leading him to change his major at Kyung Hee University from painting to sculpture. The discovery of materials moved from the initial use of clay to marble and granite.
Towards the end of his studies at the University of Kyung Hee, he realizes that he has an inclination towards the abstract: the simple reproduction of reality does not stimulate him to reach his personal language, he feels the need to work the material without referring to pre-established models, and this will lead him to develop an exclusive and iconic expressive code.
In 1993, he moved to Pietrasanta (LU), where he continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.
His first solo exhibitions were held in Florence in 1995, Munich in 1996, and Seoul in 1997. Park has exhibited his works in several galleries and museums both in Italy (Florence, Genoa, Pietrasanta, Rome, Turin, Verona, Padua, Milan) and abroad (Belgium, Korea, France, Germany, England, Luxembourg, Holland, Panama, Poland, Singapore, the United States, and Switzerland).
Since 2021, the artist has been represented exclusively by Contini Art Gallery, which promoted several major exhibitions including, in 2021, Infinita Fluidità della Pietra in Viareggio, Nell’Infinito dell’Arte in Venice and Cortina d’Ampezzo, and Dal Mare all’Infinito in Forte dei Marmi. The same year the artist received the Honorary Citizenship of Pietrasanta. In 2022 the artist’s monumental works were exhibited at the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico (Pisa) and in the historic center of Pontedera (Pisa). In the same year a monumental artwork was donated to the city of Pietrasanta (Lucca). In 2023 he exhibited in Milano Marittima.
He currently works between Europe and South Korea. In 2025, “Infinito” Museum, an exhibition space entirely dedicated to Park Eun Sun and designed by the famed architect Mario Botta, will open its doors in South Korea.  
The opening of the exhibition will take place on October 12, 2023