Ritsue Mishima. Tras Forma


From 08 Marzo 2014 to 14 Luglio 2014


Place: Fortuny Palace

Address: San Marco 3958

Times: from 10 am to 18 pm; closed on Tuesday and 1st of May

Telefono per informazioni: +39 041 5200995

E-Mail info: fortuny@fmcvenezia.it

Official site: http://fortuny.visitmuve.it

Artist Ritsue Mishima (1962) draws stimuli for her work from natural forms and reflections of light: his works of glass are transparent, colourless, and convey a sense of purity and luminosity, capturing and expanding the light and colours of the surroundings. The artist pays close attention to the space in which she places her works; the play of transparency and reflections produces infinite visual variations for the subject. The thousand-year-old tradition of making glass in Venice, seen through the lens of Mishima’s Japanese culture, results in works forming a highly contemporary alphabet. This exhibition will present her latest creations, the result of a careful analysis of modus operandi of Mariano Fortuny.