Aquileia Distillery

Guida Aquileia

Aquileia Distillery
  • Address: Via Giulia Augusta 87/a
  • Phone#: +39 0431 91091
The Aquileia Distillery is the perfect place to buy grappa from genuine connoisseurs. The Comar family who run the distillery have worked the still since 1918 and have been selling their own brand of grappa, Aquileia Antica, since 1966. Today, the distillery’s most successful product is the Centenaria, a reserve grappa aged for 10 years. Among the most delicious proposals, then, there are the fruit brandies: Sliwowitz, made from plums, William's pear, and Pfrirsich, based on peaches. 
Alessandro Comar, the current distillery owner, sees himself not just as a distiller but as the creator of "real emotions" because he creates his grappa with passion, poetry and plenty of art.