Aldo Renato (Renato Guttuso)

Bagheria 26/12/1911 - Rome 18/01/1987

© | Renato Guttuso

Renato Guttuso (26 December 1911 – 18 January 1987) was one of the major Italian painters of the twentieth century. His best-known paintings include Flight from Etna (1938–39), Crucifixion (1941) and La Vucciria (1974). Guttuso also designed for the theatre (including sets and costumes for Histoire du Soldat, Rome, 1940) and did illustrations for books. Those for Elizabeth David’s Italian Food (1954) introduced him to many in the English-speaking world. He was born in Bagheria, near Palermo in Sicily, but from 1937 lived and worked largely in Rome. An anti-fascist, he joined ...

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