Andrea di Bartolo di Bargilla (Andrea del Castagno)

Castagno di San Godenzo, Mugello 1421 ca - Florence 1457

© | Andrea del Castagno

Andrea del Castagno, pseudonym of Andrea di Bartolo di Simone  (b. c. 1419 , Castagno d’Andrea, near Florence [Italy]—d. Aug. 19, 1457, Florence), one of the most influential 15th-century Italian Renaissance painters, best known for the emotional power and naturalistic treatment of figures in his work. Little is known of Castagno’s early life, and it is also difficult to ascertain the stages of his artistic development owing to the loss of many of his paintings and to the scarcity of documents regarding his extant works. As a youth, he was precocious. He executed a ...

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