Sebastiano Luciani (Sebastiano del Piombo)

Venice 1485 - Rome 21/06/1547

© | Sebastiano del Piombo

Sebastiano , byname of Sebastiano Luciani  (b. c. 1485, Venice [Italy]—d. July 21, 1547, Rome), Italian painter who tried to combine the rich colours of the Venetian school with the monumental form of the Roman school. At first a professional lute player, Sebastiano began his career as a painter later than most of his contemporaries. He was a pupil of Giovanni Bellini and of Giorgione, whose influence is apparent in his work. His works in fact were often confused with Giorgione’s—e.g., “Salome” (1510; National Gallery, London). In 1511 Sebastiano went ...

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