Antonio di Giovanni de Antonio (Antonello da Messina)

Messina 1430 ca - Messina 02/1479

© | Antonello da Messina, Ritratto d'uomo (Michele Vianello?), 1475 circa, Tempera e olio su tavola, 25.2 x 31 cm, Galleria Borghese, Roma | Foto: © 2018 Foto Scala, Firenze

  Antonello ,  (b. c. 1430, Messina, Sicily—d. c. Feb. 19, 1479, Messina), painter who probably introduced oil painting and Flemish pictorial techniques into mid-15th-century Venetian art. His practice of building form with colour rather than line and shade greatly influenced the subsequent development of Venetian painting. Little is known of Antonello’s early life, but it is clear that he was trained in Naples, then a cosmopolitan art centre, where he studied the work of Provençal and Flemish artists, possibly even that of Jan van Eyck. His earliest known works, ...

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    Galleria Regionale della Sicilia/Palazzo Abatellis