Iacopo Da Ponte (Jacopo Bassano)

Bassano del Grappa 1510 ca - Bassano del Grappa 1592

© Arte.it | Jacopo Bassano (Bassano del Grappa, 1510 - 1592), Autoritratto, 1590 circa, Olio su tela, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

Jacopo Bassano, also called Jacopo da Ponte   (b. c. 1517, Bassano del Grappa, Republic of Venice [Italy]—d. Feb. 13, 1592, Bassano del Grappa), late Renaissance painter of the Venetian school, known for his religious paintings, lush landscapes, and scenes of everyday life. The son of a provincial artist, Francesco the Elder, who adopted the name Bassano, he was the outstanding member of a thriving family workshop. His early works, such as the “Susannah and the Elders” (1534–36) and the “Flight into Egypt” (c. 1536), reveal the influence of his master ...

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