Ristorante I Canottieri

Borgo Po

Ristorante I Canottieri
  • Address: Corso Moncalieri 2
  • E-Mail: info@quattrocon.it
  • Phone#: 011 8190679
  • Opening: Closed on Mondays.
  • Transportation: Stops 2054 Moncalieri N. 310 and 2053 Moncalieri N. 315: line 67.
The restaurant of the Esperia Rower Club, historic building directly overlooking the Po river, offers a splendid view on Piazza Vittorio and a “first row seating” on the Murazzi strip; it is ideal in the summer, maybe for a candle-lit dinner, when the terrace allows you to fully enjoy its unique position. The restaurant is run by Yari Sità, a young creative chef who loves ethnic contaminations. The place is also appreciated for its aperitifs (the so-called “Porta Fortuna” – lucky charm – is famous), while the club members often meet in the club rooms to play games of bridge.