Ristorante Vo


Ristorante Vo
  • Address: Via Andrea Provana 3/D
  • E-Mail: info@ristorantevo.it
  • Phone#: 011 8116009
  • Opening: Closed on Saturdays for lunch and on Sundays.
  • Transportation: Stops 774 and 775 Cavour: lines 18, 61, 68.
In the elegant and ultra-modern rooms of Ristorante Vo, deep down a narrow road of the city centre, furniture is dominated by aubergine colour which enhances the white tablecloths and the modern built-in shelves, where carefully selected wine bottles stand out (200 wine labels). Chef Stefano Borra (originally from the French cuisine school) explores dishes of contemporary and experimental cuisine, keeping an eye on Piedmont. The menu ranges from earth to sea, with dishes like “Veal with tuna sauce, revisited” and “Sauté turbot cutlet with sticks, potatoes and frosted green onions”, but it also includes Fassone beef shin and tajarin (tagliolini). One Michelin star, achieved in the 2013 edition of the guide.