Crocetta Torino Market


Crocetta Torino Market
  • Address: Corso De Gasperi
  • E-Mail:
  • Opening: Every day from Monday to Saturday and the second Sunday of every month.
  • Transportation: Stops 380 and 381 Vespucci: lines 10, 12, 58/.
    Stops 331 and 332 Colombo: lines 5, 5/, 42, 64.
In the district of the Turin bourgeoisie, there is also the most fashionable market of the city – established in 1927, it already started becoming quite successful back in the second post-war period, thanks to the interesting offerings of the merchants which drew the attention of the local high society. Its reputation reached its climax in the 1970s and 1980s, but even now the Crocetta market is a reference point if you wish to buy high-quality clothing items and accessories (many of which made in Italy). There are also many grocery stands.