Nizza Millefonti

  • Address: Via Nizza 230
  • Phone#: 011 19506801
  • Opening: Opend every day 11.45am-3.15pm and 8.45-10.15pm.
  • Transportation: Stops 52 and 66 Biglieri: lines 1, 18, 35, 42, 74.
    Metro: stop Spezia.
It is the supermarket of good, clean and fair food (to draw on the famous motto of Slow Food, established in Piedmont) – located in the former Carpano factory, for years Eataly has selected the excellence in the Italian food and wine sector – and not only – and puts it on sale in the seductive atmosphere of an enormous American loft. Inside there is a café, an organic ice-cream parlour, a pastry shop with sweets made by Luca Montersino and many theme restaurants (meat, fish, vegetarian, pizza and main courses) where it is possible to taste dishes prepared with selected and very fresh ingredients (at moderate prices). If you wish for something more, try the starred restaurant “Casa Vicina”. But here, in addition to do your grocery shopping or eat a bite, you also come to learn more about food, with theme dinners, cooking courses and tastings. You should also visit the wine cellar, with over 48,000 bottles from the best Italian and world wine makers and a wide selection of beers.