Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Roma, Piazza SS. Giovanni e Paolo 13

  • Location: Roma, Piazza SS. Giovanni e Paolo 13
  • Address: Piazza SS. Giovanni e Paolo 13
  • Phone#: 06 772711
  • Opening:
  • Transportation: Metro: line B, station circo Massimo
Built upon the domus of two officials of Constantine (Giovanni and Paolo), martyred in 362. A church was built by Senator Bizante and his son Pammachi in 398. It suffered the sack of Alaric (410) and that of the Normans (1084) and then it was rebuilt: in the Twelfth Century the portico and bell tower were added. Modified in the 1700s, losing the vestiges of a paleochristian basilica, around 1950 the paleochristian facade was restored to its original form with marble columns from the Third Century. Noteworthy are the beautiful cosmatesque door and the medieval oratory with Scenes of the Passion frescoed in the Ninth Century.