Ponte de le Tette – The Bridge of Breasts

Venezia Unica 2015, Ponte delle Tette

  • Location: Venezia Unica 2015, Ponte delle Tette
  • Address: Ponte delle Tette
  • Transportation: Line 1 (stop S. Silverstro)
    Lines 1, n (stop Rialto Mercato)
The Ponte de le Tette is in the neighborhood of San Polo, once known as "Carampane". At the time of the Serenissima (nickname for the Republic of Venice), prostitutes were obligated to live in this area. The neighborhood went up to the Ponte de le Tette, from which the working women would show off their uncovered breasts to attract customers. According to the historian Tassini, this exhibition was imposed by the government to “distract men from sins against nature,” which is to say sodomy, which was much-praticed at the time.