Pietro Marussig

Piero Marussig’s "L'Autunno" (’Autumn’), painted in 1924, draws its inspiration from com-positions by past artists. The basket of fruit held on his legs by the figure at the centre, the vase on the head of the woman in the background and the objects placed at lower right, borrow from the still lifes of 17th-century paintings. For its part, the landscape seen through the window behind the figures draws from 15th-century pictures. Around 1930, Piero Marussig founded an art school open to all, together with Achille Funi and sculptor Timo Bartolotti, aiming to restore the ancient arts of the Renaissance work-shops. Piero Marussig, born in Trieste in 1879, was an exponent of the Italian Novecento, directed by Margherita Sarfatti, and participated in all of the group’s exhibitions.


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