Benjamin Jones. The Actual Life of a Thought

Benjamin Jones, Binder


From 19 Gennaio 2023 to 04 Marzo 2023


Place: Loom Gallery

Address: Piazza Luigi di Savoia 24

Times: Wednesday - Saturday, 2 - 7pm

Telefono per informazioni: +39 02 8348 7114

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Benjamin Jones makes photographs of nature and its surroundings, both in his home city of Lon- don and frequently whilst travelling. His black and white images are silent gazes imbued with ex- perience and possible associations. In some photographs the subject is broken down, or perhaps reinterpreted from a previous iteration, as the observation can take place at different times and from different perspectives.
Each of us then integrates our own interpretation of the subject, dependant both on memory and personal associations. Two balanced pine needles can tell infinitely different stories to anyone who observes them; the same goes for an airplanes shadow, a particular flower, a bed of nettles. Beyond the single image, a process of collaging and superimposing botanical photographs in the darkroom bore the Binder series, leading almost to pure abstraction.
Analogue photography is possible through a reaction between light, chemistry and a support that makes up the photographic object, offering a new life and possibility for our observations. This ma- terial translation is a central point for Benjamin Jones, and the papers on which he prints maintain their shape and thickness, clearly visible within the frame. On sheets of wet paper the light rests, and chemistry is able to freely compose, poetically creating the Fog series through this framework of chance.

Benjamin Jones (Reading, 1994) is an artist based in London, who studied at Bath School of Art and Design. Recent projects include Between Our Sense of Then and of Today (solo, 2022, Michael Pennie Gallery, Bath), Post No Bills (with Stephan Keppel, 2022, The Koppel Project Hive, London), Residency 4 (with Ilektra Maipa, Gonzo Unit, 2022, Thessaloniki), Passive Aggressive (with Rob- ert Luzar, 2021, 36 Gallery, Newcastle), Something, Like Nothing, Happens Anywhere (solo, 2021, Camera Austria, Graz), 4 frogs (2021, DUM Project Space, Ljubljana), Analogue Processes (solo, 2020, Antonini, Milan), Glashaus (with Alexandra Gschiel, 2019, Schaumbad - Freies Atelierhaus Graz). He has recently completed residencies in Graz and Thessaloniki, and was a graduate fellow at Spike Island, Bristol (2016–17). His work has been published by Camera Austria, LOOM Gallery and M-A (A SPACE BETWEEN).
Opening: Thursday, 19 January, 7 - 9pm