Chiara Dynys. Lo Stile

Chiara Dynys, Gate of Heaven, 2023, Metal and LED lights, 260 × 320 ×70 cm | Courtesy MUVE


From 20 Aprile 2024 to 15 Settembre 2024


Place: Ca’ Pesaro - International Gallery of Modern Art

Address: Santa Croce 2076

Times: 10.00 – 18.00 (ultimo ingresso ore 17.00) Dal 01 novembre al 31 marzo: 10.00 – 17.00 (ultimo ingresso ore 16.00) Le operazioni di chiusura del museo iniziano 20 minuti prima dell’orario indicato Chiuso il lunedì Dal 01 maggio al 30 settembre 2024, ogni venerdì e sabato Apertura fino alle ore 20.00 (ultimo ingresso ore 19.00)

Responsibles: Alessandro Castiglioni, Chiara Squarcina, Elisabetta Barisoni

Ticket price: intero € 14, ridotto € 11,50. Gratuito residenti e nati nel Comune di Venezia; bambini da 0 a 5 anni; persone con disabilità e accompagnatore; Guide turistiche abilitate in Italia che accompagnino gruppi o visitatori individuali; docenti accompagnatori di gruppi scolastici, fino ad un massimo di 2 per gruppo; membri ICOM; titolari AMACI Card; partner ordinari MUVE; volontari del Servizio Civile del Comune di Venezia; possessori MUVE Friend Card e altre categorie

Telefono per informazioni: +39 041 721127

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Even the denied “style” can reinvent itself in the form of language.
From the 20th of April to the 15th September 2024 during the 60th Venice Art Biennale, the Sale
Dom Pérignon of Ca’ Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art of Venice, will host a solo exhibition by Chiara
Dynys, “ Lo Stile”, curated by Chiara Squarcina, Alessandro Castiglioni, Elisabetta Barisoni.
Chiara Dynys is one of the most important contemporary Italian artists, whose work has always stood out,
characterized by a particular attention to the dialogue with the historical space, both in its architectural
dimension as well as in the discursive one. In continuity with this perspective, “Lo Stile” is a site-related
exhibition project, conceived specifically for Ca’ Pesaro.
“Lo Stile”, promoted by the Civic Museum Foundation of Venice (MUVE), is an exhibition of great visual power,
apparently provocative but eventually revealing the centrality of the form of language in the art.
In deference to a poetics that has always refused any stylistic definition, Dynys reinterprets the linguistic
synthesis of Neoplasticism founded by Piet Mondrian (the De Stijl movement), through a series of new
immersive environments, in which the light and the materials redesign the story of reality.

The artist writes in this regard: “The reference to
Mondrian wants to make explicit my statement that
theorm of language, even when style is denied, as in
my work, is central.
The installation that gives the exhibition its title is in
fact an ambiguous work, which intentionally
takes up the compositions of the theosophist
artist but at the same time denies them, because
it is made in stone and metal, that is, present and
resistant materials, what Mondrian avoided more
than anything else.“
“Opposed to this, a group of colored
methacrylate books from the “Tutto” series
provides further insights on my particular
and contradictory idea of style, while the second
large room is entirely occupied by the installation
“Gate of Heaven”, where the luminous skeleton of a
large door seems to derive from the equally bright
curves that spread across the floor according to the
progress of the gravitational waves of the universe”.
Thus, the close vision in time and space of these three
works speaks of a “style” that can easily deny itself,
but only to renew itself: everything becomes “style”,
if the disparate language with which it is expressed,
succeeds to become form.

Chiara Dynys
Tutto - Love Hate, Bitter Sweet, Heavy Light, 2023
(detail) - methacrylate
The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog published by Nomos Edizioni, with texts by the curators and
a critical contribution by Angelo Crespi.
Chiara Dynys is one of the most relevant contemporary Italian artists.
She participated in numerous exhibition projects in Italy and abroad.

Among the most important institutions that have hosted her work are theMusée d’Art Moderne di Saint-
Étienne (1992), the Centre d’Art Contemporain of Geneva (1996), the CIAC - Centre International d’Art

Contemporain of Montréal (1997), the Städtische Galerie in Stuttgart (1999), the Cantonal Museum in Lugano
(2001 - 2015), the Rome Quadrennial (1986 - 2005), the Bochum Museum, Bochum (2003), the Kunstmuseum
Bonn (2004), the Wolfsberg Executive Development Center, Wolfsberg (2005), the ZKM- Zentrum für Kunst und
Medientechnologie of Karlsruhe (2005 - 2012), the Franz Gertsch Museum, Burgdorf (2007), Space-1, Giancarlo
and Danna Olgiati Collection, LAC, Lugano (2012), Arkhangelskoye – VII Moscow Biennal, Moscow (2017);
ICAE Armenia, Yerevan (2018), the MASI of Lugano (2018) and Italian museums such as the Mart, Museum of
Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto (2005 -2023), the Museum of the Twentieth Century
in Milan (2012), the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rome (2013), the Correr Museum of
Venice (2019), Villa and Collection Panza of Varese (2009 – 2021), the MA*GA Museum of Gallarate (2022).
Nowadays, “Enlightening Grimoires” can be visited as a site-specific installation and permanent donation
to the MUVE at the Fortuny Museum, Venice, “Over nature” at Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo in Verona,
“Enlightening Books” at the Quirinale, Rome on the occasion of “Quirinale Contemporaneo” and “Sante subito
e fiori” at the Vincenzo Agnetti Archive, Milan. Chiara Dynys also participates in the first edition of “Reggia
Contemporanea”, curated by Cristina Renata Mazzantini and Angelo Crespi, at the Villa Reale in Monza.