Giovanni da Fiesole (Beato Angelico)

Vicchio di Mugello 1400 ca - Rome 18/02/1455

© | Luca Signorelli (1450 - 1523), Presunto ritratto di Fra Angelico, Dettaglio dell'Affresco dell'Anticristo, Circa 1501, Duomo di Orvieto

Fra Angelico,  (Italian: “Angelic Brother”)original name Guido di Pietro, also called Fra Giovanni da Fiesole and Beato Angelico  (b. c. 1400, Vicchio, republic of Florence [Italy]—d. Feb. 18, 1455, Rome), Italian painter, one of the greatest 15th-century painters, whose works within the framework of the early Renaissance style embody a serene religious attitude and reflect a strong Classical influence. A great number of works executed during his career are altarpieces and frescoes created for the church and the priory of San Marco in Florence while he was in residence ...

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