Gentile di Niccolò di Giovanni di Massio (Gentile da Fabriano)

Fabriano 1370 ca - Rome 09/1427

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Gentile , original name Niccolò di Giovanni di Massio   (b. c. 1370, Fabriano, Papal States [Italy]—d. 1427, Rome), foremost painter of central Italy at the beginning of the 15th century, whose few surviving works are among the finest examples of the International Gothic style. An early signed work by Gentile has stylistic affinities with Lombard painting and suggests that he was trained in the Lombard school. In 1409 Gentile was commissioned to decorate the Doges’ Palace in Venice with historical frescoes, which were later completed by Il Pisanello. In 1414&ndash ...

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