Church of Madonna del Carmine


Church of Madonna del Carmine
  • Artist: Filippo Juvarra
  • Location: Church of Madonna del Carmine
  • Address: Via del Carmine 3
  • Phone#: 011 4369525
  • Opening: From Monday to Saturday 7.30am-11.30am and 3.30pm-7.15pm. Sunday 9am-12.30pm.
  • Transportation: Stop 4090 Piave: line Star 2.
Built by Filippo Juvarra between 1732 and 1736, it was completed by his disciples, Ignazio Agliaudo di Tavigliano, Francesco Benedetto Feroggio and Ignazio Birago di Borgaro. Because of the extensive damage caused by the bombings of the last war it was subject to many restorations which partly altered its appearance (1947 and 1955). It has one single nave and no transept and three chapels per side. The convent built by Gian Giacomo Plantery in 1728 is part of the building.