Royal Library


Royal Library
Fu istituita per volere di Carlo Alberto di Savoia e nel 1840 allestita da Pelagio Palagi nel pianterreno della Galleria Beaumont di Palazzo Reale.

  • Location: Royal Library
  • Address: Piazza Castello 191
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  • Phone#: +39 011 543855
  • Opening: Mon - Fri 8.15 am - 6.45 pm | Sat 8.15 am - 1.45 pm | Sun closed
  • Price: Access to the Library is free, with exceptions for special events that require a ticket fee.
Established at the request of Charles Albert of Sardinia, in 1840 it was set up by Pelagio Palagi on the ground floor of the Beaumont Gallery of the Royal Palace. Over time the original set of texts belonging to the king was expanded with the addition of new books and today the collection includes a remarkable quantity of books, manuscripts, magazines, etchings, prints, incunabula, XVI-century editions and drawings, including Leonardo’s famous sanguine Self-portraitand the Codex on the flight of birds.