Jimmy Robert. Frammenti

© Jimmy Robert 2022


Dal 14 Giugno 2022 al 05 Agosto 2022


Luogo: Thomas Dane Gallery

Indirizzo: Via Francesco Crispi 69

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Thomas Dane Gallery is delighted to present Jimmy Robert's new project Frammenti. Conceived specifically for the space and context of Thomas Dane Gallery in Naples, the exhibition opens a reflection on the black body and its representation in classic statuary.
As Philippe Jockey discusses thoroughly in his book Le Mythe de la Grèce Blanche, the aesthetic of white imperialism was generated by the belief that ancient Greek sculptures were created white. Technology now provides incontrovertible proof of the presence of polychromy throughout classical sculpture including at the Parthenon, the supreme icon of ‘white Greece’.
It is within this context that Robert positions himself, developing a new body of works that mix collage, photography and sculpture. Starting with images of various fragments of polychrome sculptures found in and around the city of Naples, Robert presents a series of 'composites' that illuminate how an image or a sculpture, and by extension the history they tell, are carefully constructed.