Cuban energies in art

Alejandro Campins, Hipnotizador, From the series Letargo, 2018


Dal 27 Aprile 2020 al 31 Maggio 2020


Luogo: Sito web Galleria Continua

Indirizzo: online

Sito ufficiale:

This is the first viewing room in a series that will explore the many locations of Galleria Continua through the artists and works that come from some of these exciting places. Different cultures, varied points of view and common human emotions will be shared through the perspective of a nation or culture and its art. 

'Cuban energies in art' looks at Galleria Continua’s relationship with Cuba while also allowing an insight into its history and culture. 

GALLERIA CONTINUA Habana opened in 2015 with the intention of connecting people through art and presenting Cuba’s artists to the world. Cultivating understanding between people and cultures has been important since the opening of the space and this viewing room is a testimony to the friendships and professional and personal experiences we have shared, and will continue to share, with Cuban artists. With works from 10 artists Alejandro CampinsIván CapoteYoan CapoteElizabet CerviñoCarlos GaraicoaOsvaldo GonzálezLuis López-ChávezJosé MesíasSusana Pilar and José Yaque, this viewing room will transport you to distant shores where understanding and connection awaits us.