Lorenzo Vitturi. Innesti

Lorenzo Vitturi, Innesti, 2023 | Courtesy T293 Gallery


Dal 07 Giugno 2023 al 07 Luglio 2023


Luogo: T293 Gallery

Indirizzo: Via Ripense 6

Telefono per informazioni: +39 06 89825589

E-Mail info: info@t293.it

Sito ufficiale: http://www.t293.it

T293 is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition “Innesti” by Lorenzo Vitturi's as part of the "Also on view" project series.
Combining sculpture and site-specific installations, Vitturi applies a physical approach to images and object-making, exploring questions of cultural hybridity with a poetic lens.
“Innesti” is part of Caminantes (2017-), an ongoing project which combines sculpture and photography. The works, developed over a series of trips between Peru and Italy, follow the path of the artist's own family connections between Murano, Venice and Peru. In this iteration, Vitturi deploys raw materials in assemblages and sculptures that explore cultural hybridity and the encounters that have informed his own personal heritage.

In these sculptural works, the promiscuous juxtaposition of a wide range of materials and objects from distant geographies tell stories of transformation and metamorphosis of colliding worlds while carrying an inherent instability: raw Murano glass is cold-worked with sandings and shapings; discarded kiln pieces from ancient furnaces are assembled with precious Venetian beads; casts of Jesmonite are modelled to take the form of the artist’s body parts; terracotta from the Peruvian Selva dialogues with borosilicate ampoules and shipping materials. Finally, leftovers of production scraps are compressed to create the structures' support, giving the works their final porous form.

Lorenzo Vitturi is a photographer and sculptor based in London. Formerly a cinema set painter, Vitturi has brought this experience into his photographic practice, which revolves around site-specific interventions at the intersection of photography, sculpture and performance. In Vitturi’s process, photography is conceived as a space of transformation, where different disciplines merge together to represent the complexities of changing urban environments.