Armando Testa. Le Sirene di Armando Testa

Armando Testa, Invito al Party, 1980


Dal 11 Luglio 2020 al 09 Agosto 2020

San Gimignano | Siena

Luogo: Galleria Continua

Indirizzo: via del Castello 11

Orari: by appointment

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The world we live in is a world of images that will become increasingly intense and on which the public will play in order to approach them and relive them in multiple ways. This is the future of man who is bombarded with images. (Armando Testa, 1980)

As stated by Germano Celant, Testa introduces beings with complex and unknown origins that arise from the mixing of bodies and that move between linguistic territories into his artistic poetics. Composite and supernatural creatures, such as mermaids and centaurs, serve to create a chimeric and seductive atmosphere.

Opening: 11 July 2020 10am - 7pm