Giuseppe Stampone: Global Education Welcome to Venice

Handle with Care


Dal 07 Maggio 2018 al 22 Giugno 2019


Luogo: VAP 992/a

Indirizzo: Fondamenta Sant'Anna 992/a

Orari: da mercoledì a sabato 12-18

Curatori: Ilaria Margherita Mannoni

Telefono per informazioni: +39 349 333 3215

Incorporating artists, the public, secondary and primary school students in its creation, Stampone will create a map of Venice aiming to illustrate the personal and dynamic impressions, memories and interpretations of the city.

This exhibition is part of Handle with Care, as a culmination of a six-month research project carried out by the students of the 26th Course in Curatorial Practices and Contemporary Arts Venice. The young curators aim to highlight how the city has become a symbol of the increasingly irreversible and unstable global circumstance.

Handle with Care addresses these issues with the principle notion of care, and its binary definition comprising of both therapy and prevention.

Opening 7 May h 12