Restored by the students of the Accademia Galli

The "San Sebastiano" of Como, from a lost painting by Caravaggio, is back on display

Il San Sebastiano di scuola caravaggesca durante il restauro

E. Bramati


Como - The "St. Sebastian with two ministers" will be back soon in the Duomo of Como, after a restoration that lasted about two years. 

The renovation works, completed by some students of the Accademia Galli, led to the consolidation of the layers of paint and the canvas. Their deterioration was mainly caused by an incorrect technique and an inaccurate preparation of materials, as well as a wrong restoration in the past. 

The author of the painting by Caravaggio, which dates back to 1670, has not yet been recognized. His activity, however, proved to be extremely important, since the artwork is to date the only evidence of a lost masterpiece by Caravaggio.



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