Piazza Savoia


  • Location: Torino,
  • Transportation: Stop 4089 Museo Sindone: line Star 2.
    Stop 2066 San domenico: line 52.
It stands on the western border of the old Roman city and on the location of Porta Segusina (demolished in 1635) connecting the old city to the extension made by Juvarra in the early XVIII century. On the square plaza is the memorial obelisk of law Siccardi, with its inscription «Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law», reminiscent of the abolition of the forum and of religious immunities (9 April 1850). Some of the best stately residences of the XVIII century overlook the square, Palazzo Saluzzo di Paesana, designed by Gian Giacomo Plantery, Palazzo Martini di Cigala, by Filippo Juvarra, and the elegant Palazzo Falletti di Barolo by Gian Giacomo Baroncelli.