Fibonacci – The Flight of the Numbers

Mario Merz

Mole Antonelliana

The theme of systematic circularity is central in the research by Merz. It is conveyed most poetically in his complex use of the sequence by the 13th century Pisan mathematician Fibonacci, in which each number is the sum of the previous two, creating a eurhythmic, dynamic sequence.
Merz began using the sequence in the 1970s, first didactically and then in a phenomenal or political manner. In a photographic series, he depicted the social interaction space of a factory canteen, first showing one worker sitting at a table, then two, three, five, eight, thirteen and so on until all of the places were filled. It was a magical and orderly vision of collectivism.
Today, the most famous example of this artistic concept is a light installation called The flight of numbers on the outside of the dome of the Mole Antonelliana.


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