Iridescent Interpenetration n. 4

Giacomo Balla

"Compenetrazione iridescente " (Iridescent Interpenetration) was painted by Balla in 1912, two years after futurism in painting was born with the drawing-up of the "Manifesto of Futurist Painters".

Scientific interest in the effects of light influenced Balla’s whole futurist experience and intensified in the winter of 1912-13, when the artist moved to Düsseldorf to work on the decoration of the Löwenstein house.
Here he painted the first works in the cycle called Iridescent Interpenetration, to which the painting we are now looking at belongs.

In this painting, the effects of light and movement are reduced to geometric schemes and coloured triangles.

In a letter of July 1912, Balla wrote about iridescent colours reflected in the water as of effects that it was better to consider unpaintable, quote: “Through the quality of the light, everything becomes more mysterious and veiled and the material becomes less real….”.


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