Bookshop of the Royal Palace of Caserta


Bookshop of the Royal Palace of Caserta
  • Address: Viale Douhet 2/a
The Bookshop, at the entrance to the Royal Palace, stocks a wide range of items.

Guides in many languages to the Palace; the works of Vanvitelli; monographs on the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Bourbon dynasty. Books on Caserta, the surrounding province and the main places of artistic interest in the Campania region, especially the most famous archaeological sites (Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Phlegraean Fields). Tour guides to Naples. Books on Campania’s popular traditions. The Italian South. Archaeology. Art history: main schools and key figures. Contemporary art. Catalogues of the main exhibitions. Food and wine traditions. Children’s fiction. Contemporary fiction. DVDs on Caserta Palace, archaeological sites and art tours.

Souvenirs / Merchandise
Calendars. Reproductions of old prints: edicts from the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, Vesuvius, Caserta and the Terra di Lavoro area. Iconography sourced from J. P. Hackert. Portraits: Francis II and Maria Sofia; Prince Raimondo di Sangro di San Severo.

Art and craft products from the Terra di Lavoro
Reproduction plates from the Bourbon period; porcelains; collectable dolls with silk clothes from San Leucio; porcelains from Capodimonte; Christmas crib art. Magnets, various souvenirs and miniatures of the Palace; pieces made from Vesuvian volcanic rock. Stationery. T-shirts of Caserta Palace and Neapolitan themes. Silkscreen-printed cotton bags. Postcards of Caserta Palace and reproductions of old Naples. Reproductions of old gouaches