Basilica of St. Maria in Domnica

San Giovanni, Esquilino, Monti

Basilica of St. Maria in Domnica
  • Location: Basilica of St. Maria in Domnica
  • Address: Via della Navicella 10
  • Phone#: 06 77202685
  • Opening: Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm. Saturday from 9am to 11am
  • Price: Free admission. Access to the church below: € 5
  • Visit lasts: 1 hour (about)
  • Services:
    Free entranceRecommended
Founded in the Seventh Century on top of the location of a roman barracks, it was rebuilt by Paschal I in the Ninth Century and restored under Leo X at the start of the 1500s on a design by Andrea Sansovino. It owes its name to the latin word dominicum given to all the early christian places of worship, but also known as the  Vallicella for the model of a boat in marble in the piazza, thought to be an offering to the gods from roman times. To the left of the church is the entrance to Villa Celimontana, while to the right is the portal from the 1200s to the Ospedale di San Tommaso in Formis with its mosaic depicting Jesus between Two Slaves.