Excavations of Ancient Ostia

Ostia Antica

Excavations of Ancient Ostia
Dai risultati dell’indagine archeologica condotta dalla Soprintendenza speciale con le università di Southampton-Britishschool e di Cambridge, è infatti emerso che il perimetro di Ostia Antica è addirittura più esteso di quello di Pompei: una città enorme che arriva ben oltre i confini immaginati fino ad ora.

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- Ostia Antica, sotto terra si nasconde una città più grande di Pompei

  • Location: Excavations of Ancient Ostia
  • Address: Via dei Romagnoli, 717
  • Opening: Everyday from 8,30am to 6pm
  • Price: The price of the ticket 'of € 6.50.
    The low of € 3.25.
    The price of the ticket includes entry into the museum.

    Admission is free for EU citizens under 18 years of age or over 65. Further reductions and exemptions are available at the ticket.
  • Transportation: Train: line Rome-Ostia, station Ostia Antica
  • Visit lasts: 1 hour (about)
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Excavations of ancient Ostia began under Pius VII in the 1800s and were picked up with vigor once again in view of the World's Fair of 1942, unearthing upwards of 34 of the 50 hectars of original constructions.
It is possible to admire, among other finds, the Theatre, the Hot Springs of Neptune with its splendid mosaics, the Barracks of the Police, the so-called Mithraeum of the Seven Heavens and the Domus of Amore and Psyche. Within the archeological site, the Museum houses the masterpieces found during the digs