Parco del Valentino

San Salvario

Parco del Valentino
  • Location: Parco del Valentino
  • Address: Corso Massimo D'Azeglio
  • Opening: The park is always open.
  • Transportation: Stops 631 Vittorio Emanuele II, 609 and 630 Pellico, 610 and 629 Valentino, 611 Giuria Est: lines 9, 16CD, 16CS.
    Stops 2064 Giuria, 2062 and 2063 To Esposizioni: lines 9, 67.
    Metro: stops Marconi and Nizza.
  • Services:
    Free entrance
The favourite park of Turin residents extends along the Po river for over 1.5 km. The almost 500 hundred square metres of green space outlined by landscapist Pierre Barillet-Deschamps house the Valentino Castle, the Botanical Garden, the Twelve Months Fountain by Carlo Ceppi (1898), the Palazzo Torino Esposizioni by Pier Luigi Nervi (1949) and the Borgo Medievale, a mock medieval village of the XIV century, built by Alfredo D'Andrade at the time of the Italian General Exposition of 1884.