Venice International Art Fair 2021

Altaf Al ali, Kuwait, Cold colors


Dal 16 Dicembre 2021 al 10 Gennaio 2022


Luogo: THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space | Misericordia Archives

Indirizzo: Calle Larga San Marco 374 / Cannaregio 3549

Orari: Monday – Friday 09:30AM - 05:30PM

Sito ufficiale:

ITSLIQUID Group, in collaboration with Venice Events, is glad to announce the opening of the 14th edition of Venice International Art Fair, contemporary exhibition of photography, painting, video art, installation/sculpture, and performance art, that will be held in Venice, at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space from December 16, 2021, to January 10, 2022, and at Misericordia Archives from December 17, 2021, to January 10, 2022.

The 14th edition of Venice International Art Fair represents a forum for the direct exchange of ideas and contacts between collectors, artists, photographers, designers and art professionals. The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, installations, video art and live performances.
Venice International Art Fair 2021 
analyzes the relationship between body and space, and the hybridization between identities and the cultural/physical/social/urban context in contemporary time, through two main sections: LIQUID ROOMS and FUTURE LANDSCAPES.
LIQUID ROOMS analyzes the hidden parts of our identities, through an immersive experience inside the fascinating universe of the complex labyrinths of our consciousness. The human body is a changing system that connects us with other bodies and spaces to perceive the surrounding reality: a strong communication system with its own language and infinite ways of expression.

FUTURE LANDSCAPES are abstract, infinite and conceptual, associated with a sense of freedom and infinite extension. Primarily experienced with the mind, spaces redefine their limits and borders, transforming surfaces in an open flow of pure ideas. This section focuses on the concept of boundaries and structures between body, mind and soul, human identity and the city, the space and the ground.
An immersive journey inside the incredible universe of our consciousness is proposed by Birgit Günther's abstract paintings. Her artistic aim is to encourage people to feel free and to travel unfamiliar paths, because courage pays off. As the artist declares "My art should have an effect on people to perceive the positive and the joy in what they do". Her vision enriches the exhibition of positivity: every person should become aware of his abilities and use them positively in his life.   Working mainly with painting and drawing, Maria Worobyova turns to the theme of travel memories, tightly tied with the theme proposed, LIQUID ROOMS. Her goal is to talk about the beauty of a moment, placing it outside of the time. The artist is close to the aesthetics of Impressionism: she seeks to capture simple but vivid impressions and tries to demonstrate the beauty of every moment. Indeed, the plein-air vision in her works is combined with a deep reflection, recalling and restoring the fragments lost in memory with abstract painting. The immediacy of impressions and the inconstancy of memory are also reflected in her technique: it leaves a place for unpredictability, chance, and with it, life itself. Therefore, the process of creating art means double reflection for Worobyova: not only the memory, but also the emotion of the present.

Altaf Al Ali, from Kuwait, affirms that for her, Art is a voice through which she can show the symphony of life’s colors, freely hugging the process on the base of the first theme proposed: through Art, artists can express themselves creating a link between consciousness and reality. Verónica Velasco Barthel, following the tradition of the photographic documentary, takes images of reality, as she does in the work “The Beatles Ashram 2” in which she displays Chaurasi Kutia Ashram, a place where The Beatles went in 1968 to practice Transcendental Meditation, that is now abandoned, surrounded by wilderness. With this work she wants to keep the echo of their music forever, in contrast to the isolated place she represents. It is a clear example of how reality could be only thestarting point for new forms of communication.   Quentina Lynchber, with her triptych, is a clear example of how Art can show a new reality, firstly experienced with the mind and after transformed in its surfaces and space, going beyond the borders of body, mind and soul, at the service of the author's communicative intentions. The three faces shown in his work suggest the search for identity: the identity of the author himself but also of those who benefit from this work and try to reflect themselves in this research. Through the breaking down of the image the author faces the theme of the origin of the individual identity, which completely embraces the concept of FUTURE LANDSCAPES. Carlo Di Giacomo, selected for the same section, is well known for his works that explore the most intimate nature of things with a personal vision and unique idea of them, that distinguishes him. “Inner landscapes 37” captures the vibrations of colors to show how engaging a landscape can be, even when the shape is not visually defined. Through this research, he wants the observer’s state of mind to interact with the color variation, even when the shape of the subject is dissolved. In fact, he aims to create the “synthesis of the landscape”, eliminating, with the movement, the recognizable signs, so that the color prevails. In this way, the viewer passes from the logical search to the emotional impact, thus discovering inner landscapes.

Marc Olthoff renews his participation with "Look up", in which the relationship between body and space is clearly shown: the primary objective of his images is not to be aesthetically pleasing, but to touch the viewer and to trigger his imagination, creating new identities through his consciousness. The viewer’s creative process to ‘complete’ or ‘explain’ the story is an essential part of his work, and the images are set up in such a way that different viewers are likely to arrive at different explanations.   "Overdose", by the German Jürgen Barnickel, is based on an abstract-looking photograph, deliberately depicted as non-representational. Seemingly indiscriminately, details are chosen with attention and further processed to transfer the image into the world of Pop Art by the artist through coloring. Infinite and conceptual, associated with a sense of freedom and infinite extensions, is Jürgen Barnickel's aesthetic basis that brings spectators to new horizons. In addition, the exhibition’s concepts are well enhance through a selection of video artworks and live performances.  
THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space
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