Paintings by Henri Matisse

Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli

Gianni Agnelli was a great Matisse enthusiast and he said that the collection of creations by the French artist in the Lingotto complex was “unrivalled in Italy”. The gallery boasts no fewer than seven works by Matisse. They span more than 20 years and comprehensively reveal the developments in his painting, in which vibrant colours featured increasingly prominently. Femme et anémones and Méditation - Après le bain date back to 1920 and Intérieur au phonographe is from 1924. They are followed by works from the 1940s: Assiette de fruits et lierre en fleur dans un pot à la rose (1941), Michaella, robe jaune et plante (1943), Tabac Royal (1943) and Branche de prunier, fond vert (1948).