Sayuri Ichida: Fumiko

© Sayuri Ichida


From 11 Maggio 2022 to 22 Luglio 2022


Place: PhMuseum Lab

Address: Via Paolo Fabbri 10/2a

Times: Thursday 06pm-08pm

Ticket price: free entrance on appointment

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PhMuseum Lab presents for the first time in Europe the solo exhibition Fumiko, a project by Japanese photographer Sayuri Ichida. 

The work stems from the discovery of a biscuits’ tin of metal in the house of the artist's grandparents. The box is full of negatives and prints that portray from childhood to adulthood, the life of Fumiko's mother, who passed away at the age of 47 from lung cancer. Ichida thus begins a research path through which she investigates the depths of her trauma to stimulate a contemporary debate on concepts such as destiny and memory. 
Juxtaposing her family archive with newly made images in response to it, Ichida creates a sophisticated narrative that offers a collective reflection on the difficult process of accepting death. Looking at this work we remember that sooner or later we will all experience some kind of loss, but above all, we rediscover that what matters most is how we keep the positive memory of our loved ones alive. 
To access the exhibition venue, a Green Pass is mandatory and admission is free. The online booking guarantees priority access but you can also register directly at the entrance.

Sayuri Ichida is a Japanese photographer who lives and works in London. 
Her attention in her works is placed on the theme of identity, which reflects on her own memory and experiences. In addition to photography, her research implements sculptural forms created from both organic and non-organic elements that represent certain psychological states. This constructed dissonance is often an important part of her work, and comes to represent her alienation as an immigrant. 

After spending years in Tokyo and New York working in the commercial photography industry, she shifted her interest to artistic photography. She holds a bachelor's degree in fashion photography from Tokyo Visual Arts College and recently earned a master's degree in fine art photography from the University of Westminster in London. 

Ichida won the Japan Photo Award in 2016 for her "Deja Vu" series. His "Mayu" series has been selected for several group exhibitions presented at Unseen Photo Festival (Amsterdam, 2018), Photo Saint Germain (Paris, 2018), IMA Gallery (Tokyo, 2018) and Asama International Photo Festival (Nagano, 2019) .

The exhibition takes place as part of ART CITY Bologna 2022 on the occasion of ARTEFIERA. Special opening dates and time are the following:
12 May from 3pm to 8pm
13 May from 3 to 8 pm
May 14th from 3pm to 12pm
May 15th from 3pm to 8pm