• Location: Flashback
  • Address: Pala Alpitour I Isozaki - Via Filadelfia 82 | corso Sebastopoli 123
  • E-Mail: info@flashback.to.it
  • Phone#: +39 011 1946424
  • Opening: Preview: Wednesday November 2nd 4pm (upon invitation only)
    Inauguration: Wednesday November 2nd 6pm (upon invitation only)
    Opening to the public: from Thursady November 3rd to Sunday November 6th 11 am - 8 pm
  • Price: Full ticket € 10, reduced ticket € 8
  • Transportation: Stop 2534 FILADELFIA: line 4
    Stop 390 FILADELFIA: lines 10
    Stop 1394 GALILEO FERRARIS OVEST: line 10
From November 3rd through 6th FLASHBACK | all art is contemporary, the ancient and modern art fair, directed by Stefania Poddighe and  Ginevra Pucci, holds its 4th edition. In these few years, the Fair managed to locate at national and international level.  Loyal to its claim all art is contemporary, the innovative format has been successful thanks to the originality and contemporaneity of its language.

“We are really excited to present FLASHBACK 2016 –Ginevra Pucci and  Stefania Poddighe highlight – The event has grown exponentially throughout these years – both in terms of quality and figures – confirming its being a fair with prestigious presences worldwide, but of intentionally reduced size;  FLASHBACK has proven its ability to combine culture and market in one equation whose result is knowledge as a tool to orient the choice of the individuals. And we are glad that many of the protagonists of the past editions have confirmed their participation and that they shall be joint by other 14 illustrious names: 43 galleries shall be at Pala Alpitour in Turin in early November to represent the excellence of the international ancient and modern art”.
By its own very genesis, FLASHBACK is a market-linked event, but it also intends to become a moment of cultural reflection that cannot disregard contemporaneity, i.e. the historical period and the social context, because art – in all its forms – cannot be isolated in the sole relationship between the author and the public, but it needs to be understood starting from its social totality.
The program of the 4th edition underlines such research by proposing a reflection on a NEW SYNCRETISM, i.e. the meeting of different cultures and times, which generates blends, interactions and fusions among heterogeneous cultural elements that occur mainly as a result of large migrations of peoples or of hegemonic expansions.
Since FLASHBACK is a fair that relates to contemporaneity, it cannot overlook the stimulations the current events provide every day and – therefore – syncretism is taken as a key word to understand the transformation generated by the process of globalization and localization, which is involving, subverting and even crushing the traditional ways of producing culture, consumption and communication. Thus, culture is no longer perceived as homogeneous, that links individuals, sexes, groups, classes and ethnicities, but as  far more plural, decentralized, fragmented and even conflicting. Hence, syncretism as an anthropological project: i.e. a mix of codes that – recombining  the artistic, social and ethnic differences – show their true richness.