Pingone Home


Pingone Home
  • Location: Pingone Home
  • Address: Via della Basilica angolo Via Porta Palatina
  • Transportation: Stop 243 Duomo-Polo Reale: lines 4, 6, 11, 27, 51, 57.
The building dates back to the XV century. It was rehashed several times between the XVII and XVIII century; it was expanded by incorporating a pre-existing medieval tower, the only tower still left in Turin. On the facade overlooking via Porta Palatina you can admire traces of cross-shaped windows from the XVI century. Here lived Emanuele Filiberto Pingone, court historian of duke Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy and writer of Inclytorum Saxonae Sabaudiaeque principum arbor gentilizia, which retraced the origins of the House of Savoy. The restoration of 2000 brought out the original colours of the facades.