Chapel of Pia Congregazione dei Banchieri e dei Mercanti

Torino, Via Garibaldi 25

  • Location: Torino, Via Garibaldi 25
  • Address: Via Garibaldi 25
  • E-Mail:
  • Phone#: 011 5627226
  • Booking phone#: 338 6115734
  • Opening: The chapel is being restored.
  • Transportation: Stop 242 corte d'appello: lines 4, 11, 27, 51, 57, Star 2.
The chapel is accessible through the Casa dei Gesuiti by crossing a vestibule called the “courtyard of old cloisters”. It was father Agostino Provana, the dean of Jesuits, who requested this chapel, opened in 1692. In 1769 the building was restructured by Bernardo Antonio Vittone who designed the new facade. The interior consists of a rectangular room covered by a Legnanino frescoed vault. On the walls, the twelve paintings featuring scenes from the Glorification of the Epiphany were made by Jesuit father Andrea Pozzo and his workshop.