Artist Series

Artist Series


Dal 08 Maggio 2019 al 30 Novembre 2019


Luogo: VAP 1830

Indirizzo: Fond. San Gioacchin 1830

Orari: da mercoledì a domenica 10-19

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Artist Series
: a title that brings together four different exhibition projects: L.E.M.O.W., a travelling art gallery, which after Paris and Brussels will come to Venice to present limited editions and original multiple works by contemporary artists; Post Modern Collection, a collection of postcard-size artworks by artists and designers; Bichel Éditions, a recently founded publishing house from Brussels which works largely with emerging artists, producing elements ranging from artists’ books, comics, graphics and design; Exotic Botanical, where art and kokedama – the Japanese gardening method of cultivating ‘mini unpotted bonsai’ – come together.
L.E.M.O.W. – Limited Editions and Multiples Original
Post Modern Collection – postcard sized artworks
Bichel Éditions – dessins contemporaine

kokedama artworks by Exotic Botanical
furniture by CALLAHAN METAL
Opening 8 May h 18